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Information and search technologies are Jean Bedord's business. She's a consultant, a researcher, a writer, a teacher and a speaker. She's been online from the early 1990's working with publishers to make money in distributing their content digitally. She can improve any company's Web presence, utilizing familar marketing techniques adapted to new technical platforms.

The search business has evolved from commercial search engine services to web technologies, and an ecosystem created by the advertising support ecosystem dominated by Google. The technology has changed--software, hardware and communications. Yet the underlying information architecture, customer behavior and business principles remain the same.

Jean brings that perspective to your engagement. She established her consultancy in 1998. She has over 20 years of experience in the information business, in product marketing, technology and information architecture, bridging the transition from the traditional offline world to the new world of web search engines. She has other personas:

In life prior to Silicon Valley, Jean began working in computer technology as a scientific programmer at the U.S. Bureau of Mines in Laramie, Wyoming. Computer skills were employable, so she migrated to analysis and programming for library systems at Washington State University.

She's also a recovering student, earning employable degrees with an MBA at Santa Clara University and a BA in math at the University of Wyoming. Along the way, she was also fascinated by human culture and linguistics, doing research in high plains archaeology for an M.A. in anthropology. **

Now full circle, she is using the same cultural perspectives to look at search behavior and the "Findability" of your products in this new ecosystem called the Web.

So call today for a perspective on how YOUR business can profit from search engine and social media strategies.

Contact Jean Bedord:

phone: 408-257-9221
email: jean AT EContentStrategies DOT com
Snail mail: 11120 Santa Teresa Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014

** Check out James Michener's book Centennial for a description of her archaeology field research on buffalo bones and bison kill sites!