Audits of Your Products and Services

Third party evaluations provide perspective for your business, identifying strengths and weaknesses not obvious to internal management. These are focused primarily mareting through your business web presence. These typically fall into one of these categories:

Customized Seminars and Workshops

Do you need someone who can explain search engine marketing and social media technologies in non-technical terms? Do you need to understand which emerging web technologies make sense for your business team to embrace? Are you using search engines effectively in your organization?

Jean Bedord is an educator, who enjoyed teaching face to face seminars / workshops in previous roles in the corporate world. More recently, she is part-time faculty in the distance education program at the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Sciences. Courses she teaches include "Online Searching" and "Information and Society". Public presentations include:

Research Papers and Articles

Need an analyst to write bylined research? Jean has written on various aspects of web technologies for publishers, ebooks, and the online information industry. View her published articles and speaking engagements.

Syndicated reports currently available:

Contact Jean Bedord:

phone: 408-257-9221
email: jean AT EContentStrategies DOT com