A Competitive Intelligence Audit Identifies the Landscape...

Are you monitoring social media and the "blogosphere" for both your company and your competitors? Are your competitors more visible in the web environment? How are your competitors utilizing search advertising and search technologies? Are they utilizing social media and social networks?

Do prospects understand your Unique Selling Proposition? Or does your marketing message sounds just like all of your competitors?

Is your industry undergoing major changes? This year's competitor may not be last year's competitor. Mergers and acquisitions can have unanticipated effects on competitors.

An outside third party with industry experience can provide both perspective and resources to complement your internal marketing team. Understanding how to utilize the technology can give YOUR business a competitive advantage.

What is a Competitive Audit?

Representative engagements:

In preparing for a product launch, this company database publisher needed a comprehensive profile of their major competitor, which included pricing and target markets. EContent Strategies reviewed competitive marketing collateral gathered from conferences, and interviewed buyers to provide pricing comparisons. The client was able to incorporate this information into materials for their sales force.

Product planning for a new product required this scientific publisher to identify competitive publishers and positioning in the vertical space. EContent Strategies developed a matrix to compare existing products, and recommended positioning for the new product.

A content technology company was trying to penetrate the micropayments market. EContent Strategies developed a list of target markets and major players for use in business development.

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