Improve Your Web Presence and Customer Visibility with a Findability Audit....

Your months of web development are over, and your Website successfully launched. It has an attractive Web 2.0 look and feel. But why aren't more customers finding your Web business?

Maybe it's because buyers can't find your webpages in Google, Yahoo, ASK or the other open search engines. Or the snippets on the search results pages lack a call to action. Maybe the language on the website and the navigation is different from customer language. Is your metadata optimized?

An outside perspective can pinpoint the gaps between the intended marketing message and the customer experience. Your internal team is competent, but they use internal language and are too close to step back and look at the buying process. Is there a gap between your marketing team and technical team?

What is a Findability Audit?

Representative engagements:

This premium content company serving the library market was concerned about how their services could be found, purchased and used in the Google environment. EContent Strategies conducted searches, playing the role of end user, and provided an objective perspective of the search experiences. Recommendations were made on adding metadata and adding keywords to improve findability.

An industry association was concerned about findability. EContent Strategies provided keyword research to identify alternative marketing messages. A briefing was developed to reposition association services.

An educational institution wanted to improve their rankings in organic search engine results. Recommendations were made to augment keyword phrases and improve metadata. Web traffic and visibility significantly improved as a result of these changes.

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