Developing More Marketing Channels is Key to Increasing Revenue...

Are you looking for additional opportunities to develop business? Search and web technologies have opened up new distribution channels, new partners, and new markets.

As a publisher, is your traditional print business declining and you need a roadmap to the generating revenue in the online world? Data feeds, licensing and syndication can provide new revenue streams. Sometimes, slice-and-dicing your existing content electronically can open up new markets.

As a content technology company, you may have focused on vertical markets, such as pharmaceuticals or the library market. But there may be additional markets which can use your technology.

What is a Market Audit?

Representative engagements:

With traditional sales declining, a medical-legal publisher wanted to find new markets for their existing content. EContent Strategies did a comprehensive analysis of their databases, then identified and targeted additional distribution channels to market their content. New licensing agreements were successfully negotiated with major aggregators which more than doubled their initial online royalty streams.

A database company was considering developing a product line focused on Chinese business. Based on industry experience and additional research, EContent Strategies developed an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the available content sources, as well as potential information buyers.

This company reselling government information serving the pharmaceutical and medical products industry wanted to improve visibility and revenues for their core product. Econtent Strategies evaluated product messaging, then recommended rebranding and re-launching with new marketing materials. As a result, they experienced a significant increase in sales.

A Web software portal company needed expertise to identify sources for their pharmaceutical and health care vertical search products. EContent strategies provided a roadmap, plus an assessment of the market segments.

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